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An inanimorph is a type of fictional creature which exhibits some traits of being alive, like movement, thought, and speech, while being composed of materials typically thought of as "inanimate" and devoid of life. Different from a construct such as a robot or anthroid, the inanimorph does not necessarily have conventional mechanics to explain what gives it life.

The term was coined in The Blind Pig fiction universe, and it's used to describe victims of a virus that transformed a small number of people into apparently non-living objects that retained a human mind and the ability to move as if animated by an unseen force.

Inanimorphs and furry[edit]

Balloonies (a sub-genre in the furry fandom) closely relates to this idea of "inorganic" characters, and fans or players of such beings sometimes call them "inanimorphs" without referring to The Blind Pig universe itself.

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