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Inali Ke'aloha, art by Mauricia.

Inali Ke'aloha (born April 13, 1982),[1] also known as AnimalCrackers, SarcasticBlack, AyamiKato, and SpiritCreations (real name Shaye B. Henson),[2] is an artist, fursuiter, and a writer who lives in Greenfield, Indiana, USA.[3]

She is the owner of Spirit Creations and Xelaros. Inali is a freelance digital illustrator of 11 years[when?]. Besides her digital art, she also enjoys photography, as well as non-anthropomorphic art. Her largest project is the four-novel series of Xelaros, featuring an alien race she created in 1999.

Inali at Megaplex 2006.


Inali came into the furry fandom in 2001. She went through many characters, ranging from a blue fox, to a cheetah, then to a hyena, and finally a Native American timber wolf. In 2004, Inali discovered the Maned wolf while watching a documentary on National Geographic and finally found the animal she had been searching for. Inali's fursona was then a Hamayan (Half Hawai'ian/Half Mayan) Maned wolf due to her passion for both the Hawai'ian and Mayan cultures. The full name of Inali's fursona is Inali Maya Ke'aloha. Her fursona, like her, is a Reiki Master practitioner and self-spiritualist. She was inspired by the colors of the sun setting over the ocean. The stripes and spirals on her fursona have spiritual significance to Inali. Recently, Inali changed her fursona from a Maned wolf to a Xelorian, a self-created alien species.

Real life[edit]

Inali currently works as a full-time furry artist and part-time as an editor for a Medical Transcription company. She is a self-spiritualist and seen as a hippy of sorts. She is also a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and received her Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher certification in 2006. Inali also enjoys fostering animals for local dog and cat rescues. Inali hopes to publish her Xelaros novels in the future.

Inali may be seen at FWA and Anthrocon and occasionally other conventions throughout the year, and is often found in the Dealer's Den.

Spirit Creations[edit]

Spirit Creations is the name of the anthropomorphic art gallery owned by Inali Ke'aloha.

The Art of Spirit Creations[edit]

"Blueberry Morning" print by Spirit Creations

Inali Ke'aloha is a freelance digital illustrator of 11 years. Inali created Spirit Creations in 2004 after originally owning WhiteWolf Studios from 2000-2003. Due to confusion between Whitewolf Gaming Studios and the fursuit maker, Whitewolf, Inali changed the name of the gallery. Spirit Creations, as well as hosting anthropomorphic artwork, also features commissions ranging from digital commissions, convention badges, avatars, all the way to custom furry t-shirts, and more. Spirit Creations is also the home of the Xelaros novel series and art work.

In June, 2007, Crackers' artwork featured as a banner on Fur Affinity.[4]

Inali was responsible for the artwork on the cover of the ConFuzzled 2009 conbook.


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