In the Doghouse of Justice

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Cover of In the Doghouse of Justice.

In the Doghouse of Justice is an anthology of stories by Kyell Gold. It was published by Sofawolf Press in August, 2011, and is intended for an adult audience.[1]


In the Doghouse of Justice contains seven stories of the League of Canids, an elite group of superheroes including Blink Coyote, WonderWolf, History Channel, Vicious Vixen, Red Lightning, MultiWolf, and others.[1] The stories, dealing with "life, love, and super-villains" are:

  • "Vicious"
  • "Don't Blink" (previously published in Heat #4)
  • "Third Date" (previously published in Heat #5)
  • "Stop the World" (previously published in Anthro #24)
  • "Modern History"
  • "Splitting Time"
  • "Sim & Scope"

The cover art and interior illustrations of the book are by Alexander Roman.[1]


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