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In-Fur-Nation (or InFurNation) is a furry newsletter/magazine edited by Rod O’Riley and published by Mark Merlino. Originally the progress report for the ConFurence conventions, it became a general information publication for all things furry in 1992.

The newsletter provides information on motion pictures, television shows, video releases, comics and other publications, art collections and conventions of interest to the Furry community. Material for issues is collected from various sources by Rod O’Riley and other contributing "reporters". Circulation has varied over the years from over 2000 to a few hundred. Members of the original eleven ConFurence conventions, the ConFurence Group cons, and Califur received issues of In-Fur-Nation as part of their paid membership.

In-Fur-Nation was published four times a year, and was the only regular Furry news publication available via "snail mail". Some back issues can be found at the In-Fur-Nation archive page (the future site of In-Fur-Nation news service). In 2009 the publication largely ceased on paper, and switched to a mostly on-line format, re-inventing itself at It is syndicated by Flayrah as of November 2011.

Materials, submissions, and news items for In-Fur-Nation can be submitted to the editor at that address, or via e-mail at

Ursa Major Award[edit]

At a ceremony at Morphicon 2015 on May 1, 2015, In-Fur-Nation was awarded an Ursa Major Award in the category of Best Anthropomorphic Magazine.[1]


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