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Improved Anthropomorphics was a group that believes that the "private, personal interests" of certain members of the furry fandom provide an inaccurate public representation of the fandom as a whole, and that this prevents the fandom from "reaching its full artistic and cultural potential".[1]


Improved Anthropomorphics asserts that the fandom's public image is important, and that it is damaged by association with groups which, in their eyes, are not a valid representation of furry fandom. Thus, they particularly disapprove of subgroups of the furry community such as Nazi Furs and babyfurs when such groups manage - intentionally or otherwise - to associate their paraphilias with the fandom as a whole. They hope to steer media attention away from such representatives, and encourage members of these subgroups to be discreet about their interests and activities.

The group's members have similar views and goals to a prior group known as the Burned Furs, though they claim different methods. Where the Burned Furs decided to "institute ourselves as a monkey wrench in the gears of mainstream fandom" and "strongly discourage the support of acts such as bestiality, plushophilia, fursuit sex and other things seen as 'wrong' by non-fandom individuals",[2] Improved Anthropomorphics claims to "[inspire] change from within by setting a good example". Their motto is "Furry Fans Standing Up for A Better Fandom".


"The Reverend" Ash Maurice Cairo launched the group on November 22, 2005, under the name Burned Furs II. While it adopted the general philosophy of the former group, the only direct association between them was the adoption of the same name and identifying icon. The choice of name and logo was controversial, resulting in resistance to the group from fandom members with bad memories of the former Burned Furs.

In January 2007, Leam proposed the group should change its name to "Improved Anthropomorphics".[3] In late May, the group announced that this name would be adopted "to avoid further confusion and drama".[1] Other names considered included "Better Fandom" and "Anthropomorphics Unlimited".


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