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Rebecca Immelmann
Immelmann Rebecca Zippers Icon.png
Rebecca by Zippers
Born 13 April 1987
Profession or hobby Illustrator, Author
Character species Raptor

Rebecca Immelmann (born April 13, 1987)[1] is a furry artist located in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.,[2] best known as the author of the webcomics Concession, Ballerina Mafia, and The Order of the Black Dog.

Their fursona originated as a wolf/rabbit hybrid but was eventually changed to raptor, though it has undergone frequent changes.



Rebecca's first and best-known webcomic is Concession, a humor comic about the staff of a movie theater that eventually turned into a drama series with a spiritual twist. It was named Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story in the 2009 Ursa Major Awards.

At the Heart of it All[edit]

At the Heart of it All is a personal, semi-autobiographical comic that Rebecca used as a sort of public self therapy, featuring experimental art styles and the use of Flash. It sometimes features characters from Concession and, rarely, Furthia High.

Ballerina Mafia[edit]

The gag-a-day strip Ballerina Mafia promised to have no plot and very few recurring characters. A sort of spiritual sequel to At the Heart of it All, as it uses the same art style, it occasionally has autobiographical looks into Rebecca's post-college life.

The Order of the Black Dog[edit]

The Order of the Black Dog is a science fiction horror webcomic set in a near-future, alternate history Earth.


Rebecca has released several experimental music albums, all available free online.

  • Mire (2010)
  • You Left Us (2018)
  • Labyrinth (2019)
  • unmade (2019)

Personal Life[edit]

Rebecca was born near Boston, Massachusetts, where they have lived most their life save for several years spent in Florida and Buffalo, New York.

In January, 2018, they came out publicly as transgender.[3]

In December, 2020, they updated their previous statement and came out publicly as plural.[4]


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