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(Ignitus) Willion is a fursuiter who lives in Stuttgart, Germany.[1]

Willions' fursona is an anthro lion whose mane is striped with wine-red stains.[2] He usually wears blue jeans and a narrow, bright-green, long-sleeved shirt with tribal symbols on it.

The name Willion is a variation of the name William, and is also a combination of the short form Will and lion.


Willion discovered the furry fandom in 2002, when he found some anthropomorphic artwork on an artist's webpage, which immediately sparked his interest.[2] Initially just a collector of images, at the end of 2008 Willion made contact with other furries and became more active in the community.

Willions' fursuit was constructed by Savage Turtle Studios, and debuted as Eurofurence 16 (2010).[3]

Willion has attended all Eurofurence conventions from 2009 to 2014.[2] He has also taken part in several smaller German conventions, like the Mephit Mini Con, Ruhrcon and the Berlicon.

Video work[edit]

Willion is the producer and director of "Furrytale". A 30 minute documentary about the (German) furry fandom. It was his bachelors work for his studies "Digital Media Video" in 2010. Since August 2011 the DVD is available and can be purchased via Willion. The trailer can be seen here.

Willion has also produced several music videos involving fursuiters.


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