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Iffriels Fursona drawn by Vulpon Leo.

Iffriel (also known as Iffriel Avengis or Iffy; born February 7, 1986)[1] is a furry artist who lives in Wath-upon-Dearne in northern England. His fursona is a black jaguar. He regularly attends furmeets organised by the NorthernFurs group.

His partner is Starpaw, a folf who lives in Hull, United Kingdom.


Iffriel is a black jaguar with a titanium spine and tail to replace his biological ones which were lost in an accident. Both his tail and spine have lights fixed into them which glow a variety of colours depending on his mood. The tail is also detachable. Iffriel also has a labret piercing and sheath piercing, sports a soul patch, and wears glasses which are often depicted with a purple tint.

Several of these traits - such as the glasses, soul patch and labret piercing - are part of Iffriel's image in real life.


Iffriel is a practising Pagan, which he adopted in his early teens. Outside of the Fandom he enjoys playing videogames such as Oblivion, Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars and most recently the MMOG, Eve. He is also an active artist and digital painter, who uses a graphics tablet and computer editing software as his primary medium.

Iffriel also enjoys travelling and spends a large amount of time visiting his friends across the UK.


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