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M. Idess Sherwood (born July 19, 1989)[1] is a female anthro and nonanthro artist who is located in Colorado, USA. Her online avatar (or fursona) of the same name is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog. Her first representation of herself, and the character that she was known for at the start of her art career, is a hybrid of Red Wolf and Grey Fox (Folf). Both characters are named "Idess" but represent her in different ways.

Idess first made her impression on the art world on the online art gallery Elfwood under the alias "Kavelon". Soon after, in September 2003, she made her deviantART debut. She eventually built up her art and reputation throughout her years on deviantART, which is still one of her most active galleries. Other online galleries include Fur Affinity. She became the co-owner and artist of Mweor, an online cat breeding game.[2].

She has attended Further Confusion since 2005, and since 2009 has sold art in the Dealers Room and the Art Show. She has also attended Rocky Mountain Fur Con since 2010, also selling art in the Art Show and Dealers Room.

She was a guest of honor at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2013.[3]

Formerly a California native, Idess moved to Colorado with her boyfriend in July 2010. She attended dog grooming school and began working as a pet groomer, and is continuing her art career.


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