Identity Crisis

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Identity Crisis is a SabrinaVerse story written by Hikaru Katayamma. It is available from the author's website and from The Raccoon's Bookshelf.

Arden Bearridge, a 43-year-old introvert who happens to be a fan of some of Eric Schwartz's characters, particularly Sheila Vixen, receives a mysterious amulet from a friend. One night he inadverdently uses the amulet and finds himself living in the world inhabited by Sheila, Zig Zag, and all the other characters from that world, and he himself is now a polar bear. In the chaos surrounding the transformation, he loses track of the amulet, but unbeknownst to him, Sheila has it in her possession. And that's just the opening for Act I.

Acts II and III portray Arden and Sheila in other alternate realities, dealing with some adventures the likes of which neither of them ever expected to encounter. It's hard to say much about them without spoiling some of the surprises in the story.

The story is a work in progress, currently part of the way through Act IV

Guest appearances[edit]

A version of Arden makes a guest appearance in webcomic The Suburban Jungle. Here Arden is a dimension cop, who forms a friendship with Yin, a panda friend and housemate of Tiffany Tiger. Yin eventually leaves with Arden on his interdimensional travels, although she promises Tiffany that she will be back to visit every once in a while from her travels to “Europe”.

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