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Iara Warriorfeather

Iara Warriorfeather, also known as ChocolateStarfire (born 1985),[1] is a furry artist and furry writer from Southern California, US.


Iara is an adjunct instructor. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master’s degree in Geology from CSULB. Her hobbies include photography, drawing, and writing fiction. She also collects as well as customizes several generations of My Little Ponies[2].


Iara’s fursona is a feral raptor dinosaur. She is fully feathered, with mahogany contour feathers and cream and black banded primaries, secondaries and tailfeathers. She has bright green eyes. She is the protagonist of the novel Iara’s Crossing.

Iara's Crossing[edit]

Iara's Crossing is a paleo-fantasy genre novel that was first drafted by Iara in 2008 and posted on DeviantART in 2010. The novel was fully revised and registered with the US Copyright Office in 2021. It will be published on and offline in 2022.


Avians--feathered maniraptoran dinosaurs--long considered the ammonite a symbol of longevity and prosperity. But there was more to these fossils than they realized--the ammonite was imbued with ancient magic that only Warriorfeathers could wield. When the Oasis, the main hub of all avian kind west of the inland sea, is threatened by distant volcanoes and the presence of tyrants, Warriorfeathers from every enclave are summoned. Iara is tasked with this fate, and must undertake a perilous journey. Will she survive and ascend as the next leader of the Oasis?

Find out what happens in Iara's Crossing!

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Other Fandom Involvement[edit]

Iara is also a watcher on the Furtopia forums [3], and regularly attends the OC Fur Meets. She won an "unbelievably soft fursuit tail" during the 2021 online Anthrocon auction, which is now part of her first fursuit, the cat Prism.


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