Ian and Hunter

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Ian and Hunter[edit]

Ian and Hunter
The Abbrivated Title
Author(s) TheIronweasle
Update schedule Saturdays
Launch date August 27th, 2010
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy




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Ian and Hunter is the first ever Youbook, book on Youtube, and centers around the adventures of Ian Hunter and his friends. Taking place during dark age(ish) times Ian, a human, wakes up one day without any memories, and looking in the face of a young... girl. Soon it becomes apparent that all is not well in this strange land Ian finds himself in, and he may be in much deeper than he thinks.



A young man begins to wake up one day, but is blinded by a white light. While attempting to recover his vision he overhears a conversation. Moments later his vision is restored and he is face to face with a young feline furry. After passing out he is woken up by the girl. She explains she is a Latmar, and her name is Lilly. However the two figure out that the young man has amnesia, as he is unable to remember anything before waking up. Lilly tells him that he was found out in the woods, with a large gash on his head, and that her parents, being healers took him in. After dressing himself the young man and Lilly sort through the belongings he had when the young man had on him when Lilly's parents found him. The first thing they noticed was a sack of gold coins, which the young man gives to Lilly in return for saving him. After a outpouring of thanks the young man remembers a small detail from his past. Later he discovers a ring which he hangs around his neck, and a sword with some old runes upon it. Upon seeing the sword the young man grabs a small crystal from among his possesions and sticks it in the hit without thinking. The sword seems to suck out the energy of the crystal, before shooting it back out. After a moment the sword shifts in his hand cutting his hand. Then Lilly manages to decihpher the runes telling the man that it spells out Ian Hunter. Taking this name the man exits his room to meet Lilly's parents.