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Ian Curtis
Ian in his kitchen, 12 November 2011.
Real name Ian G. S. Curtis, full Ian George Stuart Curtis
Born December 1946
Birth place Hull, United Kingdom
Date of death May 2021
Death place Yateley, United Kingdom
Profession or hobby Writer, fandom organizer
Character species Wolf

Ian George Stuart Curtis, or just Ian Curtis (born December 1946, died May 2021),[1] was a British writer and fandom organizer. He was considered one of the main founders of the furry fandom in the United Kingdom.[2]


A true British eccentric, delighting in the absurd, Ian was a furry, wargamer, modeler, and a contributor writer to the military press, doing research for the Janes Weapons and other military periodicals of its kind.[3] He would (without or with friends) attended weird tests of British war machinery (also as a press representative), and gadded about surveying old battlefields and clambering through their ruins.

His local games club made an appearance in writer Pauli Kidd's novel, Fey.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Ian was considered the instigator and midwife of the United Kingdom's furry fandom.[2] All through the 80s and 90s he would open up his house and run weekend house cons in Camberley outside of London - wonderful, hilarious affairs with a constant stream of merry visitors flitting back and forth, where everybody was always welcome in his house, and generosity to his fellow fans was boundless.

Ian Curtis
I remember Ian having a lot of knowledge and stories around the early days of the UK fandom, and was always a friendly and welcoming host. -- Mayfurr.[1]
Ian Curtis

The first proto-Eurofurence came when some fans from France, Belgium, and Germany who were having house cons of their own all caught the ferry over and joined Ian's house con in Britain.

In 1992, Ian hosted the First British Furry Micro-Con (later known as the Furry Housecon) at his home in the village of Yateley, in Surrey, southern England.[4] He also wrote an article, Bonzo, for Furtherance #3,[5] and was also a regular contributor for Fur Scene.[6]


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