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International Yiff Center Logo.

The International Yiff Center, also known as The IYC, was a predominantly furry community located in Linden Lab's Second Life. Opened in 2008, IYC served as a social hub for the SL and international furry community, welcoming all sexual orientations and genders and also played a role as host for major events and live entertainment.

  • Ran from/to: 2008-2021
  • Motto: "=IYC= The One - The Only - Place to Be. Sometimes interchanged with "=IYC= It’s Your Club. It’s Your Community."

Despite its name, IYC was predominantly a social based venue which offered more than just adult yiff activities. The use of “It’s Your Community” gradually over-took as the years went by as more befitting to its role within the wider community. The IYC main sim was the core of the community which also included Residential sims, Shopping and Adult rated public and private zones. Genuine traffic scores were around 40,000 to 60,000 on any given day at its peak. IYC was a non-profit volunteer community.

Mission Statement[edit]

“To provide quality entertainment, a sense of home and a sense of community for all, furry or not. To provide a place to live, laugh and party with friends. A place to hold that special someone when distance otherwise denies you. IYC is about loyalty, friendship, work ethic and skill.”


  • 2008 - IYC was originally launched for a brief period in 2008 by its founder, TP Fizzle.
  • 2009 - IYC was re-launched in February with Primal Snowpaw[1] becoming a co-owner soon after.
  • 2010 - IYC became solely owned by Primal with TP leaving to pursue other interests.
  • 2011 - As of September 2011, IYC has 80 Staff, and over 2600 VIP Members.
  • 2012 - As of November 2012, IYC has a total of 90 Staff and over 3200 VIP Members.
  • 2014 - 2015 - From Late 2014 to Mid 2015, staff numbers and patronage had been declining, which cumulated in the IYC Aftermath (post halloween), in which Primal converted most of the IYC additions SIM to a Grim Combat system combat zone with a Zombie theme. The IYC Club build and remaining staff were transferred to long time supporter and club builder Leopard.Adored and moved to the adjoining Vivid department store sim and rebranded as The International Furry Community (IFC). IYC ownership did not change.
  • 2015 - 2017 - By late 2015, IYC had downsized to a casual hang-out, removing GCS from the ground and using a reworked version of its final club build until finally closing entirely due to Primals health.
  • 2019 - IYC re-opened on October the 4th 2019 as a full scale club due to an increasing interest once more in active live venues within Second Life.
  • 2021 - In July of 2021, IYC closed due to a combination of the owners health and a shifting mindset within the wider second life community that does not mesh with IYCs core values and desires. There are no plans to resurrect her in the future.

Features and rules[edit]

Age rating[edit]

IYC operates under the Adult Only Region Rating in keeping with the constant shift and taste of it's large community base. All IYC Sims are now operating under this rating with the exception of the residential Sim which remains an MA 18+ zone. All IYC Staff members are still required to be age-verified and as always, IYC has a strict policy of not allowing underage guests.

As with any Adult rated region you will now find adult rated activities permitted in most areas with the exception of the dance-floor, select seating areas and the vendor market areas. IYC's core purpose remains as always, which is to allow furs from all over the world to socialize and entertain in a common and familiar place.

It is always important for people to remember the Linden Labs TOS [2] which states that Second Life users below the age of 18 years are restricted to General (PG) rated regions.

Build Updates[edit]

September 2012[edit]

In September 2012 an updated club build was installed. Built and designed by Primal Snowpaw and with assistance from Leopard Adored with it's new mesh components, it incorporates a blend of Mesh [3], Sculpt [4] and Prim [5] building materials and has been optimized to place the least amount of strain on client viewers and Linden Labs servers.

It features a more bold display of the trademark purples and greens and incorporates sleek modern lines, lighting and curves which were previously hindered by the building options available within second life. All previous areas remain in their updated states with the exception of the Gamer Zone which will be rebuilt on the ground level in due time.

July 2011[edit]

In January/July 2011 a new club was added to IYC by owner Primal Snowpaw. The club features its trademark coloring of purples, blacks and greens. This facility has added old and new venues and features, such as:

    • Live DJ's and musicians
    • Main club area - Party zone
    • Lounge area - Sticky zone
    • Gamer zone - Brainy zone
    • Beach area - Chill zone


During 2015 the former club build was replaced with a ground level Grim Combat System (GCS) with a zombie theme and a smaller boxy "hangout Chillzone" up above as the club build was transferred to Leopard.Adored and relaunched as the International Furry Community (IFC) on the VIVID MESH CENTRE sim just north.

In late 2015/Early 2016 the build once again changed, with the GCS Zombie area moved up into the sky and the Ground level converted into a large beach themed area with the 2015 Club build reinstated in a corner of the sim with IYC branding.


IYC re-opened on October 4th, 2019 with an Industrial themed, full size club build, still incorporating its trademark "brick" style dancefloor in its branded colours of purple, black and mint/green.



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