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Hypnosis is a mental state similar to sleep, while technically "awake", where the "hypnotized" person's mind is more susceptible to suggestions. People known as "hypnotists" can intentionally influence someone to enter this state using "hypnosis" techniques, involving relaxation. While the subject is in this state, the hypnotist attempts to suggest changes in the subject's mind. People can also perform a form of hypnosis on themselves, known as "self-hypnosis".

While the subject is "under" hypnosis, any statement the hypnotist makes can count as a suggestion. Hypnosis sometimes consists of "triggers", which is a sound, word or phrase that the hypnotist has suggested into the subject's mind, that can cause instantaneous reactions when heard. The difference between a suggestion and a trigger is that suggestions are general and long-lasting (like "You are confident"), and triggers are instantaneous and temporary (like "When I snap my finger, you will be confident").

Hypnosis is often exaggerated in stories with stop-watches and hypnotic spirals, causing complete instant obedience. In real hypnosis, the subject must willingly relax and submit to the words of the hypnotist, and even though dramatic changes are possible (such as embarrassing actions or heightened emotions), susceptibility depends on the subject.

Hypno Fetishism[edit]

Erotic Hypnosis is hypnosis used for sexual reasons. People with sexual interest in hypnosis ("hypnophiles") are sexually attracted to either seeing hypnotized people, being hypnotized, or hypnotizing others. Sexual hypnosis can involve changes such as change of desires, loyalty, habits, and much else, most often dealing with perversion and/or servitude. Erotic hypnosis intersects greatly with BDSM.

Erotic hypnosis is popular because of hypnosis's wide potential, with abilities to amplify attitudes and responses to stimuli of all kinds. Hypnosis can also be used to guide the mind into visions of vivid fantasy.

Like normal hypnosis, sexual hypnosis is often exaggerated, such as spiral-eyed snakes hypnotizing their prey before eating them (an intersection with vore fetishism) and general exaggerated domination by hypnotists.

Hypnosis and furry[edit]

Hypnosis targeting furries, or "furry hypnosis", involve things particular to the furry fandom; the most notable example being furry transformation, due to other hypnosis effects being general among other hypnosis fetish subgenres.

Furry transformation hypnosis involves the hypnotist causing the subject to feel a transformation into a furry character. These effects are most often in the form of mental changes, such as animal-like attitudes, habits, or compulsions - for example, catgirl hypnosis might involve meowing, licking one's self, and desire for eating fish and batting yarn. Deeper furry transformation, the listener actually sensing themselves as a furry character, involves temporary guided visions.

Rarely, hypnotists can attempt to guide the listener into hallucination, seeing one's self as a furry in real life. This can be either hopeless or dangerous - the effects might not work, or they might work too well, causing panic or distress. If a person has any history of mental problems, it is highly recommended that they do not try using extreme/hallucinatory hypnosis. Also, some people may not deal well with hypnosis in general. Other good options are lucid dreaming and meditation.

Furry and Hypnosis can be connected as well through roleplaying where the same aspects as hypnofetishism, as well, with furry art/literature describing a scenario that falls under the same characteristics mentioned.

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