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HyperFox is also an alias of MegaKitsune.

HyperFox (real name Ian Howard) is a furry who lives in Ontario, Canada. His fursona is a Swift Fox.


HyperFox, described as Vulpes Velox Canadisis, is an anthropomorphic swift fox, 6 feet tall, and weighing 210 pounds.

Like all swift foxes, HyperFox has a dark, grayish, tan coloration that extends to a yellowish tan color across his sides and legs. His throat, chest, and belly range from pale yellow to white in color. His tail is black-tipped, and he has black patches on his muzzle. His ears are noticeably large and his eyes are orangey-yellow, typical of his breed.

Once thought excinct in Canada, HyperFox is definitely Canadian, as his fur has been coloured on his left shoulder in the shape of a small red Canadian flag. He believes this indicates he is part of an endangered species program.

HyperFox gained his name due to his odd addiction to caffeine; he can be lured into just about anything with sufficient amounts. He has been known to vibrate under sufficient amounts of attention and caffination.

Hyperfox wears a silver and black textile Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket with buttons on it. He also has a set of worn out jeans.


HyperFox appeared for the first time as a "furry" entity in 1992, on the Ontario-wide BBS system, as his creator required a username that would allow him to remain anonymous.

Ian was referred to as the "fox" at his middle school, as he was quick and crafty on the football field, and hyperactive and deemed insane by his peers for his energetic outbursts in class. As time went on, "the fox" evolved into "HyperFox".

The internet opened a new world for Ian. On October 3, 1998, joined FurryMUCK, where his fursona was created, a normal hyperactive fox at the time. HyperFox was briefly a helpstaff member on FurryMUCK.

In 1999, HyperFox evolved into an arctic fox, and remained that way with his partner Rhallan. He was heartbroken when she mysteriously disappeared from the MUCK without a trace, and HyperFox has been known to still bear her ring. This was a conflictive time for the fox, as he had to battle his emotions, and he vowed to never marry again.

The year 2000 brought HyperFox to an exploration of TinySpace, where HyperFox commanded the USS Santa Fe, which was where he met Tailz. In November 2000, the Santa Fe was destroyed in combat, and it was assumed that he was destroyed along with it.

In the year 2001, HyperFox's appearances were random and sporadic, as Ian was in the process of joining the military, moving away from parents, doing basic training, and training to go over to Afghanistan.

HyperFox evolved and was reborn on FurryMUCK in October, 2008, as a breed of swift fox.

Real life[edit]

In real life, HyperFox's player bears a tattoo of HyperFox's non-anthro image on his right forearm.

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