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Hybrid Cast is a weekly podcast, which takes place every Friday, after Friday Night Tech ends or would end. It is hosted by Silverstreak Folf, Aeroe Folf, Kleitos Aurelcath, and Sparks the Husky.

Based in Arizona/Texas/place where Kleitos is , United States and started in 2013 with Silverstreak Folf's Folf Enterprises, Hybrid cast's goal is to present and discuss topics relating to furry fandom and tech news. Each episode is focused around various topics.


Hosts and writers of Hybrid Cast include, but are not limited to, Silverstreak Folf and Aeroe Folf.

Guests occasionally appear on the podcast on various episodes to partake in discussions.

Show Segments[edit]

1. Show and Host Introductions Sometimes, the show starts candidly mid-conversation between the hosts/guests before the podcast has actually been announced as starting to be recorded.

2.We talk about our weeks The hosts and guests talk about their past week.

3.Random Things This segment starts with just random banter.

4. News The hosts read or paraphrase news articles.

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