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Husky92, also known as Husky (born May 8, 1992),[1] is a furry comic artist who lives in Italy.[1] His fursona, Husky, is a grey husky with blue eyes,red hairs and a tribal tattoo on his left arm.


Husky92 is the creator of four comics: Wolfguy, Choices, Until the snow melts and Swords and fangs. He frequently appears in some of his comics.

Until the snow melts[edit]

Began October 19, 2015, Until the snow melts is a gay furry webcomic.

Orcs live in a brutal society of warriors who raid to survive. Their raids continued into the minotaurs' lands, forcing them to defend themselves against the orcs. After the final battle, a minotaur and a orc escape into the forests between the mountains. After a bear attack they remain blocked by a storm and the orc decides to convince the minotaur that the only way to survive is to collaborate since the trail is blocked by the snow. They find repair into a hut where their relationship evolves slowly from enemies to collaborators, then friends, and then something more. Together, their survivability increases during the winter, while their feelings become stronger.


  • Bruto: the main character, is a minotaur archer. At first he doesn't trust the orc and wants to kill him because orcs destroyed his city, forcing his family to escape and him to become a soldier. He has the task of hunting animals for Zugum with his bow in exchange of vegetables for him, but what he really wants is to escape. When he realizes that there's no escape between the mountains until the snow melts he understands that collaborating with Zugum is the only way to survive. In the next months their relationship evolves until they become friends, and then, lovers.
  • Zugum: a sociable orc, he is a cook and knows everything about vegetables, especially where and how to find them in these forests for Bruto, in exchange of meat. He's funny but not really smart, his naive nature makes Bruto like him until the day when Zugum decides to kiss him. At first he doesn't understand his "evil" nature, since he always lived in a world where or you raid, kill, and steal, or you die. They become lovers and their feelings become stronger up to the point where he would sacrifice his life to save Bruto.
  • Leshy: An evil spirit of the forest who kills whatever is not a vegetable and marks its territory with runes made with blood. It tried to kill Bruto, but Zugum saved him from the monster. The leshy almost killed Zugum and wound Bruto but thanks to some plants they prepared a healing mixture and saved each other. The Leshy was killed by Zugum in the end of the comic.


The comic is a reflection of war from the point of view of the people, two people: Bruto and Zugum. It focuses on their ideas, feelings and ideas about the war and the enemy. They understand that enemies are people, and that nothing is black or white. The two characters are locked in a situation where they can't escape, where they have to face each other and clarify their position and ideas, the entire story is nothing more than the evolution of their ideals: from enemies to lover ( from war to love ); at first they were enemies, but then they discovered that they were just normal people involved in something bigger and terrible: war. After they clarify Zugum asks for forgiveness for what he was ( since he raided with other orcs ) but Bruto understands that there is nothing to forgive, after the orc understands that he always been a monster but wanted to change into a good person. In the final act ( the fight with the Leshy ) Bruto and Zugum are ready to die for each other, the biggest proof of their evolution. After that the snow melts but Bruto decides to stay until Zugum is healed, to start a new life together somewhere else where their race is not a hurdle, and where they can love each other.

Swords and fangs[edit]

Swords and fangs is an interactive furry fantasy /drama webcomic, spin-off and midquel/prequel of his upcoming comic The connection.

Wolves live in the 5 clans: a military dictatorship that protects the last free continent of a vast land, dominated by an immortal tyrant: Adamantios, The golden king of Megalos, who wants to invade the free continent of Levante and destroy the wolves of the five clans who fight him in this war that has been going on for centuries. Wolves are brainwashed and trained to be the perfect killing machines loyal to the 5 clans and mortal enemy of Megalos and its golden king Adamantios. The story follows different characters in 3 different timelines ( past, present and future ) that are connected somehow. Every now and then it is possible to change the story by making different choices ( by twitter surveys on Husky's account ).


  • Past: This timeline follows Akio, a young wolf of clan Saizu who trains with his troop of recruits, waiting for the day they will go to war, when they'll be 20 years old.
  • Present: This timeline follows Akio on the road from his clan to the battleftont. It also follows the misadventure of Petro, a young human forced to join the army of Megalos.
  • Future: This timeline follows the spy Akaru, the best tracker in the 5 clans. Akaru, with a secret agent named Suji, are following Akio's tracks in the battlefront after his misterious disappearance. What Akio did and why they are following him is not clear and it will be revealed as soon as the other timelines will be completed. It also follows some moments of Toki and his lover Iku in a secret village in an unknown location.


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