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Huskion (born June 27, xxxx, in the United Kingdom)[1] is a furry artist who currently lives in Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom. His fursona is a husky-lion hybrid[2], with light smoky purple fur, a white bib, and a solid black line in between. His fursona is always depicted with a beard, and wearing aviator sunglasses. Huskion is his handle, he prefers to be called Marty in person.

Huskion was one of the people who provided logistical and technical support for Futrzakon 2009, but is no longer active in the Polish furry community after having relocated to England, his country of birth (2011). Huskion was raised multicultural, and also bilingual (speaking English and Polish fluently), additionally speaking German and Japanese at a conversational level. He spent most of his life until the end of his teenage years in various countries, and therefore doesn't consider himself to be especially British or Polish despite dual nationality, and travelling between these two countries regularly. Huskion has a passion for travel and foreign languages. He is a regular attendee of Eurofurence in Germany and avidly takes part in group artist activities at Furry conventions.

Huskion has been actively using Twitter since 2008 and YouTube since 2006. He is the owner of a Siberian Husky named Frank, born in April 2008, of whom he regularly posts photographs and videos. A semi-fictional blog entitled "HuskyBomb" about Frank, and written as if Frank was writing, was updated regularly in 2008, but went on hiatus before being taken down in 2010.

Huskion can be found on Second Life as Marty Winter, and has been using SL regularly since 2005. He is the current (as of 2012) sole maintainer of the BritFur Clubhouse destination and group in Second Life.

As an artist, Huskion is sparsely active on Fur Affinity and creates artwork of a digital nature, in a toony style and mostly in black-and-white due to red-green colourblindness.[2] He is not open for commissions to the general public.


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