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HunnY (born July 25, 1991) is a female furry with a fursona of a hybrid mix between a malamute and a cat, who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has a slight preference for H u nn Y or HunnY with a capital "Y" rather than just Hunny with a lower case "y".

Personal Information[edit]

She hadn't heard about the furry fandom until February 2009, found the local community in June 2009, and her first meet was on June 23rd 2009. She is becoming more active, going to vfur meets and fursuit bowling. So far she has no con experience at big fur cons attended Howloween 2009 and plans to attend Further Confusion 2010, All Fur Fun 2010, and Rain Furrest 2010.

HunnY always had a passion for anime since she was a little girl and became part of the anime community in 2007. She is very active, going to cosplay meetups, glomp game meet ups, and attending anime conventions. Her first complete cosplay was Mitsukuni Haninozuka from Ouran High School Host Club. She has been going to Anime Evolution since 2007, which was the first time she went to AE.


HunnY has had a widely mixed variety of pets throughout her life since childhood. She has a distinct love for animals and plans to become a vet. Her first pet ever were mice. She later then had hamsters, and then a few budgies. When she was old enough, she was given her first kitten named Shayla, who sadly passed away a few months after being brought home due to sickness. She currently has 2 cats: Precious (born September 2005, brought home on January 2006) and her newest kitten, nicknamed after her fursona name Hunny (born February 2009, brought home on June 2009) and 1 hamster, Floppy, who is currently under the watch and care of her friend Panda. In september, Hunny had experience with a wild animal when her and Panda found a baby pigeon that had fell from a tree near Metrotown. She took it in and did the best to raise it, but sadly it passed away two weeks later.


HunnY has had a passion for drawing since she was a little girl. She loved to draw pokemon as a child and then started to draw different varieties of anime when she hit high school. Now she's starting to draw furry art and hopes to get a sketch tablet for her computer. She has a few submissions on Fur Affinity and will be planning on submitting more art/pictures in the future and hopes to start commissions.


HunnY has never owned a fursuit of her own but wore other friends' furusits with permission. During October Fursuit Bowling, she borrowed Rattie from RainRat and wore the partial. She also borrowed Marcus from RainRat on Halloween and wore the whole suit. She has so far completed a set of hand paws, and two tails. She plans to soon have her own fursuit.

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