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The Hrruban is a cat-like alien species which are significant in Anne McCaffrey's Doona trilogy: Decision at Doona (first published in 1969), Crisis on Doona and Treaty at Doona.

The first detailed description of the species in Decision at Doona is of two children, described through the point of view of one of the Human colonists.

Close up, the resemblance to cats was uncanny [...] The great green eyes regarded him from under straight wide brows, dark pupils narrowed [...] Flattish noses were broad at the nostril over lipless wide mouths. The chins were short bridges in the middle of the wide hinged jaw. The lobeless ears had tufted tips. [... The children's] skins were a light fawn, like a soft velour, but their heads were covered with a darker tan mop of hair that hung to their ear tips. Visible between their spraddled legs were short, tufted tails.[1]

A Hrruban character, B'ghra Hrrunalkharr, also featured in one of McCaffrey's short stories, "Duty Calls". which was printed in her story collection The Girl Who Heard Dragons, first published in 1994. "Duty Calls" was again printed in a collection of cat stories titled "Cats in Space And Other Places".


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