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Howloween staff

Howloween 2010 was a furry-themed party held at the Compass Point Inn in Surrey, BC, occurring on Saturday, November 6th. It was comprised of various events ranging from games, panels, competitions, and dance. The event ran all day and ended around 1am on Sunday morning. Fursuit bowling was held on the 7th.

The theme of the year's event was luck, both good and bad. The artwork reflected this theme wherever possible, and attendees were encouraged to participate in the theming wherever they could.

  • Two ballrooms (rather than 3) were used this year, and a separate boardroom on the 6th floor was available for quiet art and as a socializing space.
  • Event organizer Aphinity sought volunteers to help with planning, setup, and event ideas for this year.
  • Hotel rooms were available for a special rate of $89 by contacting the Compass Point Inn.
  • Final count was 151 attendees, including staff and volunteers.
  • Fursuit Games included Hoarders, Ball Toss (notable for an abrupt conclusion when Torwin threw his entire cache of balls on the first throw), a Relay Race, and Musical Chairs.
  • DJs Digifox and Akonite provided music for the dance.
  • Bowling on Sunday was held at XCalibur in Surrey instead of the previous Rev's in Burnaby.