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Howloween 2006 banner with mascot
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Howloween staff

Howloween 2006 was held on October 28th at Coquitlam, British Columbia in Canada. Fursuit-optional bowling was held the next day on October 29th.

The convention space and hotel room block were expanded for Howloween 2006 at the Best Western Coquitlam Inn & Convention Centre. The two halls available included the larger Columbia Room (used for Howloween 2004 and 2005) along with the smaller Coquitlam Room.

Admission was $20 CDN; attendees who pre-registered before September 30th received a Howloween T-shirt with their membership. Total paid attendance exceeded the previous year with 119 furs. This increase in attendance is believed to be a result of the cancellation of Conifur Northwest 2006 earlier in the year.


North at fursuit bowling after Howloween 2006.
  • Art & Sketching
  • Cartoons & Movies
  • Console & Card games
  • Costume Photo Shoot
  • Critterlympics (Musical chairs, Balloon stomp, etc)
  • Dance
  • Fursuit Bowling at Revs Bowling Centre in Burnaby
  • Improv Games
  • Pumpkin Carving

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The gaming room at Howloween 2006
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