How This All Happened

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How This All Happened is a feature length (45 mins) adult animated movie by Kabangeh Fitzroy via Clamdog Studio. Released in 2016, the movie is about 3 girls and 2 guys spending their weekend their own way. Scenes may contain a BJ in the car and a fivesome at the end.

List of characters[edit]

  • Arlene Nicholai (african wild dog), voiced by Penelope Peepshot
  • Autumn Winters (cat), voiced by a VA named Gigi
  • May Sanderson (red panda), voiced by Angeline "Star Wonder" Fergusson
  • Guy (wolf) and Neil (rat) voiced by Lance Hall

Arlene, Autumn and May subsequently appeared in the game Something To Do With Love as possible love interests for the playable character.

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