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House Eros K-list
House Eros logo.png
Author(s) Eros
Status Running (as of February 14, 2010)
Launch date January 21, 2010
Genre Forum
Censor NC17 button.png

House Eros K-List is a database of "kink" (paraphilia) listings for RPG players, for the purpose of sexual roleplay, and also offers a forum for post-by post sexual and non-sexual roleplay. As of Feburary 2010, the project is currently in Alpha testing.


House Eros K-list offers a large forum for post-by-post roleplay, which allows its registered users to create and reply to topics, send each other private messages, and customize their own profiles with "K-Lists", or lists of kinks that they or their character(s) enjoy. This allows users across the website and forum to form groups related to shared interests (especially paraphilia-based) and roleplays dedicated to specific kinks or groups of kinks.

Much like other kink-listing communities[1], the K-Lists are based around character creation; each individual character is given its own page and profile within the main user's account. This allows for multiple characters played by the same user to be sharply different, specialized, or hand-tailored to fit a certain group or roleplay.


Members can communicate with each other through the forum, either by directly messaging others through the public topics, or sending private messages directly to other members. House Eros also offers a "search members' function, which allows one to search for another user by name, email address, messenger name, website or position[2].

Like many other websites of the same nature, House Eros K-List offers a more instant form of inter-member communication through IRC. Registered members can access a Mibbit client through the main website which connects directly to House Eros's main IRC channel on the DarkMyst[3] IRC network.

Major Differences from Other Sites[edit]

Unlike many other roleplay-based sites of a more sexual nature, the House Eros K-List forum has rules against possessiveness[4], "cubplay"[5] (play with underage characters), and posting links to certain other websites[6] of the same nature. House Eros has five levels of banning, which can vary from a temporary three-month ban at its least severe, and a complete and global permanent ban.

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