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Censor NC17.png is a subscription gallery for mature anthropomorphic artwork. It caters to both male and female members, with a host of erotic galleries, comics, games, and humor to choose from.

  • Address:
  • Founder: Yiverious Cougar
  • Administrators: ?
  • Ran from/to: Late 2003 - present


Formed in late 2003 and early 2004, Hotfurs was created and shaped by its founders to suit its subscribers needs for both content and security. At the time of its creation, it was the third furry artwork subscription site in existence (After and The site offers various different types of memberships, and provides its contributors with various means of advertising and/or contact networking.


Hotfurs cover sample of art and characters

Artists (note: may not be a complete list):

Writers (note: may not be a complete list):


Hotfurs has over 100 original characters, but among them has risen a few favorites within the site:

  • Sassy Sweet - A female spotted skunk from the webcomic Sexy Soldier Sassy Sweet
  • Dark Nurse/Caffeine - A female short hair rabbit, also from Sexy Soldier Sassy Sweet
  • Bubblegum - A female rainbow striped zebra
  • Y. Cougar (Yiverious) - A male cougar
  • Xav - A male short hair rabbit
  • The All Seasons Bunnys - Four female bunnies representing each season of the year
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