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This is about the novel Anonymous Rex and its sequels. For the TV-movie, see Anonymous Rex (movie).
Cover of Anonymous Rex
Anonymous Rex is a detective-style novel by Eric Garcia about dinosaurs who are alive and well in modern times, but cleverly disguised as humans. Dinosaurs faked their extinction, and evolution has reduced their size to something close to that of a human, allowing them to fit into latex disguises (often called “guises”) and secretly coexist with humans. It is the first written novel in the series, which is regarded for its witty narrative style and absurd concept.

The series centers on Vincent Rubio, an underemployed private eye who happens to be a velociraptor.

The series[edit]

So far there are three novels.

Anonymous Rex[edit]

The story opens a year after the loss of his partner, Ernie. Vincent's boss hopes a simple job will help him get back on his feet, and assigns him to investigate a case of arson. But the more Vincent investigates, the more the case ties in with the one that killed his partner.

Casual Rex[edit]

A prequel to the first novel, it tells the story of the last case Ernie and Vincent worked on together. They investigate a cult that advocates being natural dinosaurs again.

It won an Ursa Major Award in 2001.

This novel was adapted into the TV movie Anonymous Rex, shown on the Sci-Fi Channel. In spite of the title, the plot comes from Casual Rex.

Hot and Sweaty Rex[edit]

Picks up some time after events in Anonymous Rex. Vincent gets involved with the dinosaur mafia, and ends up working for both sides of two warring families.

It is notable for its change in narrative style. Unlike in the first two, there is less humor and no sex scene.

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