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Con suite cheer at MFF 2006

The con suite is a large hotel room in a convention where free food and drink is served to attendees. The quality and quantity of this food varies from a few bowls of dried fruit and nuts to large trays and pots of fresh home-made cooking, depending on the time and money that is put into running it.

Most con suites are open to all attendees, although many are surprised to learn about it. The con suite is not often an advertised feature, due in part to the expense in running it and the need to staff it, as well as its limited size. Anthrocon made their "supersponsor lounge" a feature of their highest level of sponsorship before abolishing it altogether.

Canned and bottled drinks are often stored in the bathtub, which is filled with ice for the occasion. Few con suites serve alcohol; those that do will have a server (known as a beer troll) checking ID.

At Mephit Furmeet, the term, Horsebrutality suite was coined as a wordplay on Hospitality suite.

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