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Eurofurence 14, "From Dusk Till Dawn - Horrorfurence 14"[1], is a European furry convention that was held from the 27th to the 31th of August 2008. It was held in the same location as Eurofurence 13, the Ringberg Resort Hotel at Suhl, Thuringia, Germany.[2]

Shortly after registration was first opened, it was clear that the convention would be packed; 764 had signed up by the fourth day of registration, and final attendance was 777.[3][4] All 600 definite places at the convention hotel were taken within 3 hours of registration opening.[5] After a waiting list had been started for some time the Eurofurence staff completed their negotiations with the Golden Tulip hotel in Suhl, officially adding it as overflow hotel, thus granting additional 120 rooms for the attendees of the convention. [6]


Charity events[edit]

  • The internet is for porn
  • Erotic fursuit dance contest

Workshops and panels[edit]

There was no video-show in 2008. Instead the additional room was used to extend the dealers den.

Guests of Honour[edit]

The Guests of Honor for Eurofurence 14 were Watts Martin and Steve Gallacci.[7] Gallacci was originally scheduled as a Guest of Honor for Eurofurence 13, but was unable to attend.

Media reports[edit]

The convention invited a number of local and regional reporters to the site. This resulted in the following media coverage:[8]

  • A photo and a short text on the front page of the Saturday edition of the Freies Wort (not online)
  • A large report on Monday in the local section of the same newspaper.
  • A slideshow of photographs in the online edition of the Thüringer Allgemeine
  • A TV report on the local TV station Rennsteig TV.
  • A report on Zeit Online, along with a slideshow.


Like Eurofurence 13, EF 14 had a specific charity that money was being raised for. This year the money raised was donated to the British National Fox Welfare Society (NFWS).

There were two dedicated charity events organized during the convention:

  • The Internet is for porn
  • Erotic fursuit dance

The €4 ticket price to these events went to the NFWS. A donation box was present during several events. €3509.69 (~US$5200) was raised in total.[9]


This year the taxi-company contracted to do the shuttle-service between the Golden Tulip -hotel and the Ringberg-hotel bailed out. Within one hour volunteers of the security-staff where recruited to replace it using a car provided by the Ringberg hotel.

The Big Blue Dance lasted until 7:15 this year, ending in the usual song "Horse with no name".

The professionals of the fursuit photo shoot made more then 4000 photos working well after the convention was over[10].


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