Shawn Keller's Horrifying Look at the Furries

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Shawn Keller's Horrifying Look at the Furries is a comic book by animator Shawn Keller, published under the name 1 Ab Comix in 2001.

Author's rationale[edit]

The comic is labeled by its creator as a "funny slap" to the face of furry fandom, a comedic parody on the level of Benny Hill or Monty Python, and "not intended to make fun of anyone," nor "a malicious attack from an outsider".[1][2]


The comic includes caricatures of such well-known artists and institutions as Bob Guthrie, Eric W. Schwartz, Uncle Kage, Jim Groat, Mitch Beiro, Silfur, and the Funday PawPet Show, as well as a parody strip entitled Associated Student Bisexuals or The Lion Queen - a comical combination of popular furry comic Associated Student Bodies and Disney's The Lion King, replacing Danny and Tim from the comic with Simba and Timon from the movie.

The back cover features artwork by artist Eric Pigors.


Some members of the fandom[who?] believe that it is in fact a "Who's Who" of people or furry institutions that Shawn Keller feels he may have been belittled, insulted, or ostracized by. [citation needed] There may be some basis for this, given that Shawn has flash movies on the companion website (most notably the quiz show, Trivial "Purr" Suits), that do single out individuals of the fandom. [citation needed]


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