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Hornet Silverbullet commonly known only as Hornet or Bee (born 1985) is a Mexican furry who lives in Oregon, U.S.A. Hornet's main character is a gray wolf. He is mated to Jake Lioner, a furry lion from Finland, and is a die hard fan of the Spice Girls.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Hornet got involved in the fandom in late 2008, after he created a werewolf costume for Halloween that year after getting several references online, mainly from Fur Affinity where he created an account and started to get more involved. In December 2008 he submitted photos of the costume and began posting artwork of his characters on Fur Affinity.

Fandom Activity[edit]

Mainly an artist, Hornet has a unique style easily recognized. His artwork is mainly of canines, the specie he is more familiarized with. He has created over 50 characters for his story Kyra's Pack, most of them already with profile pictures on Fur Affinity. He also is an amateur fursuit builder, so far with 10 built. Hornet has also written a few stories on his free time, mainly "Secrets of Research Island" which is loosely inspired by Island of Dr. Moreau.


Hornet Silverbullet (2008) is his main fursona, he is a gray wolf with scars on the muzzle and left eye, also has a tribal tattoo on the right shoulder; there are taken from his own real life scars and tattoo, although in real life the scars are smaller. The fursuit of Hornet was built by Made Fur You.

Second fursona is Lager McMenamin (2010), a German Shepherd with orange stripes on the face and hands; Lager is referred as a "dark side" and is portrayed as an "evil beerdog"; Lager's personality is more loud and shows big interest in alcohol. Toboggan "Toby" Côté (2012) is his third fursona, expressed to be the opposite of Lager; Toby is a woldeer (Wolf-Deer Hybrid) with blue stripes and likes snow sports; he is portrayed as the nicest and more sport oriented of the three of them. Lager's fursuit was built by Hornet.

Hornet is unveiling on 2013 a new fursona. Only provided info is that is a jaguar and his first name is Xicog (Nahuatl for "Big bee").

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