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Hope Island MUCK
Subject Furry, adults-only, post-apocalyptic
Server hopeisland.net, port 1024 or 2048 for SSL.
Operator(s) Sheridan
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to September 2018 - present

Hope Island MUCK is an adults-only MUCK within the furry fandom. Based on story-driven free-form roleplaying, the theme is a world of anthropomorphic characters, although humans are permitted. The theme of the MUCK is a far-future post-Human Earth in which today's animal species have evolved into sapient, bi-pedal versions of themselves through some as-of-yet unknown process, and human civilization has been destroyed by a long-past apocalypse, the nature of which remains mostly unknown to the anthropomorphic creatures who have since inherited the world.

Hope Island is a relatively new MUCK, having been founded in September 2018, but has grown in popularity over that short span of time with a consistent crowd of 15-20 people most days. It has its own fully fledged website and integrated MediaWiki maintained by the playerbase, and uses Version 7.00b1+master of the Fuzzball MUCK software (as of January 2020) and a mixture of ported MUF programs from other MUCKs as well as custom in-house programs uniquely suited to the environment. In general, the user interface is similar to that found on Tapestries MUCK although players generally have more freedom to use Fuzzball's features, such as the use of vehicles in-game.


Hey, the world may be in tatters, civilization may have crumbled, but at least here, there’s hope. Hope Island MUCK, a new twist on a very old kind of game. Players arrive via boat to the settlement of Little Sands, one of the few towns with rudimentary power, water and food, and there they interact with their fellow settlers, build homes and shops, do business and interact socially. Intended as an open-world and free-form role-play environment, Hope Island is a place for both serious story-driven collaboration, or merely a social hangout within a post-apocalyptic background. It borrows from such works as Planet of the Apes, Mad Max, and Fallout, all within an anthropomorphic (furry) framework.


  • Sheridan - Head Wizard and Server Owner
  • Tanabi - Programmer
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