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Hoof Beat is a two-issue magazine of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic erotica.

Hoof Beat (a pony fanbook)[edit]

The cover of Hoof Beat (a pony fanbook).

The original Hoof Beat was produced by Club Stripes in a limited print run of 200, and sold at their dealer's table at Anthrocon 2012.[1] The color magazine contained 58 pages, in a 10 5/8" x 7 3/4" softcover format.


The creators of Hoof Beat used pseudonyms to protect their usual identities.[2] The "Editorial Wrangler" was listed as "Jubilee", and the contents/contributors were:[3]

  • Rising Star pin-up by Wind Driven.
  • "Friendship is..." by Sunshy, Flanks, and Knickers.
  • Leche pin-up gallery.
  • "Lust Before You Sleep" by Wind Driven.
  • Flanks pin-up gallery.
  • "Muffins" by Leche.
  • Dark Side of the Moon pin-up by Wind Driven.

The front cover art was by Wind Driven, Leche, and Flanks, and the back cover art by Don't Ask Spike and Leche.


Within weeks of its Anthrocon appearance, copies of Hoof Beat (a pony fanbook) began appearing on various online auction sites. Originally retailing for $25, one copy sold on eBay for $150,[4] and another on FurBuy for $305.[5] With the latest sale as of 2019 on FurBuy going for $600.[6]

One auction on FurBuy, started on June 24, 2012, by Tyler Coltraine (as Flynn), reached $1025 at the auction's close on July 8.[7] The winning bidder was zero-feedback user "ZeroFische". As of July 14, 2012, ZeroFische had failed to pay up.[8]

Hoof Beat (another pony fanbook) 2[edit]

The cover of Hoof Beat (another pony fanbook) 2.

The second volume, Hoof Beat (another pony fanbook) 2, was sold at Midwest FurFest 2012.


The second issue contains:[9]

  • "Private Lesson" by Leche.
  • "Backdoor Buck" by Doxy.
  • "Dark Moon Diaries" by Sunshy and Flanks.
  • "Once Bitten. Twice Appleshy" by 333456.
  • "Prisms and Parcels" by Wind Driven.
  • Pin-ups by Artemis, Sunshy, Jubilee, Mjolkstaft, and Don't Ask Spike.


With several issues appearing on FurBuy only weeks after its release, a copy of Hoof Beat (another pony fanbook) 2 fetched up to $450.[citation needed]


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