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Holiday (real name Avon Rogan), is a writer from the San Francisco/Bay Area. Her life as a furry began on Furcadia. For a year or so she spent her time role playing a tabby cat, named Sami, and spent many a night in Meovanni Village sitting at Mycroft's. She and her husband at the time, Runner, noticed a shortage of Rodents in the community. To remedy this, she created Holiday in November of 1997 and to this day takes on the persona of the ill-tempered militant mouse.


The early struggles of the Rodents brought on the creation of A.U.R.A. (A United Rodent Anarchy). Their mission was to keep players creating and coming back as rodents, not being intimidated by the felines, who dominated the community at that time.

Although numbers of new recruits have declined over the years, many of AURA's members keep the organization alive by promoting rodent living and proudly wearing the AURA name in their descriptions.

With the birth of her son in 1999, her responsibilities and priorities changed, so she slowly stopped visiting Furcadia on a regular basis.

In 2004 Holiday returned with a renewed interest in Furcadia. Where she was happy to find a few old friends from the heyday of AURA however, she was shocked and amazed with how much Furcadia had grown.

In 2006 you will find her doing much the same as she did in her early days spent in Furcadia, sitting and observing as well as assisting on the Help channel as a Helper Beekin, of which she was one of the first.

Fandom activity[edit]

Furcadia had opened up an interest in the furry fandom for Holiday. She started looking into this sub-culture and didn't turn back. Now an avid collector of furry art and deeply involved with the promotion of the fandom, aiding in its constant growth alongside everyone else who has a passion for the furry life.

In January 2004, she went to her first furry convention, Further Confusion 2004: The Great Outdoors. Although she only made it there for one day, she was impressed and in 2005 she was hired on as staff for Further Confusion 2005: Furs of the Nile, as Registration Lead, where she was presented with the Lionman award for excellence in business.

In 2006 she returned to FurCon and her registration post for Further Confusion 2005, Renfur: A Knight's Tail, where she welcomed some 1911 furries over the five day event which was held in San Jose, California.

Because of unforeseen circumstances, she has had to resign as Events Lead for FurCon 2007's Fur Your Eyes Only, but wishes them all a successful convention.

She is engaged in game and IRL to Angel Blaze a.k.a Jodie Scott who she met on Furcadia. Due to civil partnerships not being recognised in the United States, she will soon be moving to England, where Jodie lives, and they can marry legally.

Hopefully, there she can continue to promote and support the furry fandom by attending conventions and fur meets. Perhaps even starting new ones to aid in the constant expansion of the furry community.

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