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Hitsujirobo(ひつじロボ) is a Japanese comic/manga artist.

Hitsujirobo was a 4th grade student of Manga Course at Nagoya Zoukei University in 2014. [1]

Hitsujirobo is active on twitter, which she began in 2013 and has over 16000 followers as of December 2016. Her oldest picture on pixiv was posted on 2011, however most of her pictures is since 2014. In 2015 she launched her doujinshi circle "Hitsujigoya(ひつじごや)", later renamed "Yutanpoponta(湯たんぽぽんた)" and published some doujinshis.


All English titles are provisional and unofficial.

Web Comic[edit]

  • Nanka Heiwa na Akazukin (なんか平和な赤ずきん, Somehow peaceful Little Red Riding Hood)
  • Yamu and Henrietta (ヤムーとアンリエッタ) *later published on doujinshi in 2015.


  • Veruteru no Shugosha (ヴェルテールの守護者, Gardian of Vertale 2014)
  • Temcjo Houkou (天地咆吼, World Howl, 2015)
  • Pet Hensin!(ペット変身!, Transfuring Pet!, 2016)
  • Kako no Hanashi (Story of the Past, 2016)



  1. https://www.nzu.ac.jp/blog/manga/archives/4901

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