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Hino Ookami (real name Erik Johansen) is a fursuiter living in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.[1] His fursona is a grey wolf.[1]

Hino fursuits at various family-focussed events around the greater Orlando area.


Hino - A grey wolf Partial made by Rosequoll

Kona - A Chocolate Lab/Raccoon mix made by SlapHappyBunny [Retired due to poor construction]

Rees - A Cardigan Welsh Corgi Made by Menagerie Workshop [Sold]

Tundra - A grey Husky with teal boomerang shaped markings made by KodiMade

Zune - A Tiger partial made by West's Custom Creations

Staffing duties[edit]

Hino has previously staffed Furry Weekend Atlanta as well as several anime conventions. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors (as Vice President) for the parent company of Megaplex. He became convention chairman for Megaplex XV and continued in this role through Megaplex XVIII. In addition to Megaplex he also staffs MFF and serves as a consultant to multiple new and young conventions.

Hino also provides hosting and technical support for the Louisiana Furs through RocketWolf.com (previously Drunkfurry.com).[2]


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