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Hibernation is a 15-minute sombre/dramatic film that is a mixture of live action and animation. The film is about Sidney and Jason, two boys in animal costumes, who are performing an experiment to find a way to bring their friend Robin back from 'hibernation'.


  • Sidney, a boy wearing a grey dog costume. Played by Sonny Rooney, with Sidney voice-over by Harry McKeady.
  • Jason, a boy wearing a brown bear costume. Played by Adam Arnold.
  • Robin, a 'hibernating' boy wearing a fox costume. Played by Adam Paroussos.
  • Hunter, police officer. Played by Peter Reynolds.


Hibernation was available on Best v Best volume 2 DVD[1][2]


Hibernation won

  • the 2005 Zagreb Film Festival short feature award[3]
  • the 2005 Manhattan Short Film Festival Grand Prize[4]

Production credits[edit]

  • Written & Directed by John Williams
  • Co-produced by Sound Films and Screenchannel
  • Produced by: Andy Gordon & Christos Michaels
  • Executive producer: Peter Lowe
  • Assistant producer: Anthony Walters
  • Associate producer: Spencer Nash
  • Director of photography: Kate McCullough
  • Production designer: Fiona Clarke
  • Editor: Jamie Pearson
  • Costume designer: Robert Allsopp
  • Composer (music): Antony Telfer Brown


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