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Hey Esker! FC 2019 Dance Comp[1]

Hey Esker! is a fursuiter who is from and resides in Portland, Oregon, USA.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Hey Esker! discovered the furry fandom in 2017 while working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and came across a Chevy Volt review video. He also became interested in dancing and the dancerfur scene and has since been participating and competing.


Hey Esker!'s fursona is a Maine Coon cat.


Hey Esker!'s fursuit was made by Yu Puffin and picked up early September 2018. Instead of an unboxing video he recorded an unveiling dance video with Yu's Lobo character.

Dance Event Participation[edit]

Event Type Results Music
Anthro Northwest 2018[3] Dance Competition Scandroid - Afterglow (Michael Oakley Remix)
Anthro Northwest 2018[4] Dance Battle - Fursuit Semifinals
Further Confusion 2019[5] Dance Competition Infected Mushroom - Liquid Smoke
Biggest Little Fur Con 2019[6] Dance Battle - Fursuit 2nd (fursuit division)
Furlandia 2019[7] Dance Competition Honorable Mention Diamans - I Need You
Furlandia 2019 Dance Battle - Fursuit


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