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Herd Mentality is an art and story magazine published by Aatheus under the the fictitious business name of Hoof-Loose Publications.

The topic of Herd Mentality is centaurs and furry taur species, that is, creatures having a humanoid torso joined to a nonmorphic lower body. Herd Mentality generally tries to balance the numbers of classical centaurs and furry taurs in each issue.

Herd Mentality's format is a double-sided 8.5x11" stapled book, with art on the front and back covers. Issues vary in length from 27 pages up to 54 pages for the special 20th issue.


Herd Mentality began in 2001, as an alternative to the then-defunct zine Centaurs Gatherum, published by Victor Wren. Issue #26 of Herd Mentality was released in December 2006, with publication continuing for the foreseeable future.

An adults-only version of Herd Mentality was published from 2002 until 2005, with six issues over that period. It was discontinued due to lack of readership.

Sales and subscriptions[edit]

Aatheus has sold issues of Herd Mentality at Further Confusion. Most of Herd Mentality's sales have been conducted by mail order and through private sales outside of conventions.

Herd Mentality offers yearly (four issue) and half-year subscriptions through its web site, and offers single issues for purchase.

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