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Herbie Bear, also known as Herb Bear and Furry Felon, is the fursona of furry fan Herb Rickards. He currently lives in Washington state, U.S.A.

He married Charlene K. Vink-Vermere, also known as Char (1956-2007,) one half of the Mousey Love Girls furry fangirl pair, before her death in May 20, 2007.[1]


It has been suggested that the "Mousey Love Girls" are in fact a fictional creation by Herbie Bear himself, who posted on different image-boards as the pair using the names "MLG" or "Mousey Love Girls." After the death of Charlene K. Vink-Vermere-Rickards, a few people suggested that Herbie had disposed/killed the "character" in a bid for attention.[2]


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