Herald Visions

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Herald Visions was an unauthorized role-playing MOO set in the world of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar fantasy novels. It took place some 500 years after the founding of the country Valdemar. Species available to be played included humans, the horse-like Companions, gryphons, and the anthropomorphic lizards hertasi.


  • Manhattan
  • Memphis
  • Orlando - Code God
  • Selmae


  • Aalina - Female Companion (Bonded to Indihar)
  • Caligo - Gryphon
  • Cedarshadow - Male Human (Tayledras scout bonded to the owl Brrn)
  • Dasan - Male Gryphon
  • Indihar - Female Human (Heraldic Trainee)
  • Jynnov - Male Companion (Unbonded)
  • Raine - Female Companion (Bonded to the heir, Tiegal)
  • Sera - Female Companion (Unbonded)