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Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit

Henry's Cat is an animated children's television program, written by Stan Hayward and produced by Bob Godfrey, who was also the producer of Roobarb, a similar cartoon series from the 1970s. The show starred a laid-back, ponderous yellow cat, known only as Henry's Cat, and his many friends and enemies.

Henry's Cat was first screened in 1982 and five series were made in total; the series has enjoyed repeated showings since. It developed a cult following and is still very popular along with shows such as Bod, Button Moon, Pigeon Street, The Flumps and Mr Benn.


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Henry's Cat's friends[edit]

  • Henry's Cat - laid-back, a daydreamer.
  • Chris Rabbit - Henry's Cat's best friend, an ever-enthusiastic, highly energetic blue rabbit.
  • Mosey Mouse - the opposite of Chris Rabbit, Mosey is dour and realistic.
  • Douglas Dog, Sammy Snail, Pansy Pig, Denise Duck, Ted Tortoise, Philippe Frog - miscellaneous friends of Henry's Cat. They all mean well, but often overestimate their own abilities in various ways.

His enemies[edit]

  • Farmer Giles - a (human) farmer, frequently inconvenienced by Henry's Cat's adventures.
  • Constable Bulldog - a very stern policeman (or policedog) who takes a very dim view of the gang's well-meaning escapades.
  • Rum Baa Baa - a criminal mastermind, and the most evil sheep in the whole world.


Henry himself never appeared on screen; the name was an allusion to an earlier one-off Hayward/Godfrey collaboration, Henry 9 To 5 about a bowler-hatted commuter who escaped his boring everyday life by indulging in daydreams, mostly of a sexual nature. Henry's Cat shared the earlier character's tendency toward wild flights of fancy and laid-back approach to life. The name "Henry's Cat" was mostly an in-joke for those few people who remembered the earlier cartoon and did not mean that Henry's Cat had a "master", unseen or otherwise.

Episode list[edit]

Series 1 (produced: 1982; aired: 1982-1984) Series 2 (produced: 1984; aired: 1984-1986) Series 3 (produced: 1985; aired: 1985-1989) Series 4 (produced: 1986-1987; aired: 1986-1991) Series 5 (produced: 1991-1992; aired: 1991-1993)
The Hobby (1982) The Magic Tummy Button (1984) The Treasure Hunt (1985) Once Upon a Time (1986) The Mystery of the Missing Santa (1991)
The Race (1982) The Secret Weapon (1984) The Day of Terrible Jokes (1986) The Birthday Caper (1987) When Time Went Wrong (1992)
The Circus (1982) The New Year's Resolution (1984) The Case of the Pilfered Pearls (1987) Out for the Count (1988) The New President (1992)
The Competition (1982) The Good News Day (1984) The Lost World (1987) The Funny Feeling (1989) Valentine's Day (1993)
The Moon Trip (1982) The Cat's Eye Kid (1984) The Computer (1988) The Jingle (1990)
The Hypnotist (1982) The Hot Day (1985) The Correspondence Course (1989) The Great Adventure (1991)
The Holiday (1982) The Merry Men And Women (1985)
The Treasure (1983) The Actor (1985)
The Ill Wind (1983) The Weatherman (1985)
The Diet (1983) The Invitation (1985)
The Fortune Teller (1983) The Ventriloquist (1986)
The Explorer (1983) The Clever Trick (1986)
The Whale (1983) The Hero (1986)
The Invention (1984) Caveman Cat (1986)
The Dream (1984) The Abominable Snowman (1986)
The Robbery (1984)
The Christmas Dinner (1984)
The Film (1984)
The Disco Dance (1984)
The Artist (1984)


  • "Reading" down Henry's Cat's face spells "Miiow" (M= ears, II= eyes, O= nose, W=mouth).
  • Although a cat, Henry's Cat has no tail, similar to a real-life Manx cat.
  • Intentional or not, there are similarities between the partnership of Henry's Cat and Chris Rabbit to that of Tony Hancock and Sid James in the classic 1950s radio/TV series Hancock's Half Hour (Henry's Cat/Hancock - the gullible, easily lead, sometimes pompous dreamer; Chris Rabbit/Sid - the crafty chancer, never misses a trick).
  • The companies that released the videos were Castle Vision, Playbox Video, Screen Legends and Pickwick Video. Family Home Entertainment also had a USA release in 1987.
  • The three videos The Case of the Pilfered Pearls, The Computer and Once Upon a Time have a promotional Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends advert before the first story.
  • Bob Godfrey Films' closing logo of this series was Henry meowing. The opening logo seemed to parody the MGM logo.


Series 1 (1982-1984)[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward
  • Narrated by: Bob Godfrey
  • Music and Sound: Peter Shade
  • Animation: Bob Godfrey, Paul Stone, Kevin Baldwin
  • Camera and Editing: Derek Phillips
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Produced and Directed by: Bob Godfrey

Series 2 (1984-1986)[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward
  • Narrated by: Bob Godfrey
  • Music: John Hyde / DeWolfe Ltd
  • Animation: Kevin Baldwin, Bob Godfrey, Malcolm Hartley, Drew Mandingo, Paul Stone, Mark Oz
  • Trace and Paint: Tancy Baran, Beryl Godfrey, Louise Unwin
  • Dubbing: John Wood Studios
  • Camera: Derek Phillips
  • Editing: Sean Lenihan, John Daniels
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Produced and Directed by: Bob Godfrey

Series 3 (1985-1989)[edit]

  • Created by: Stan Hayward
  • Script: Stan Hayward, Kevin Baldwin, Mike Knowles, Bob Godfrey
  • Narrated by: Bob Godfrey
  • Music: Rowland Lee
  • Title Music: Jonathan P. Hodge
  • Animation: Kevin Baldwin
  • Additional Animation: Jeff Goldner, Neil Salmon, Bob Godfrey
  • Storyboard and Layout: Kevin Baldwin
  • Backgrounds: Bob Godfrey
  • Trace and Paint: Denise Hambry, Lisa Smith, Jazvinda Phull, Beryl Godfrey, Ricky Arnold
  • Camera: Heather Reader
  • Editing: Picturehead
  • Production: Mike Hayes
  • Produced and Directed by: Bob Godfrey

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