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Author(s) TimberWolf, Temp
Update schedule Mondays
Launch date July 27th, 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Humor, slice-of-life

Hemispheres is a weekly furry webcomic based around the lives of 3 local 20 year olds who get entangled in many situations involving jobs, technology and themselves. Hemispheres is drawn by TimberWolf and written by Temp.

In January 2009, Hemispheres moved from its home on ComicGenesis to a server shared by Alice! comics.


  • Michael Lanfort, a male coyote. Michael Lanfort is a tech savvy, level-headed coyote with a knack for all things electronic and computer related.
  • Joeseph (Joey) Wallard, a male Bald Eagle. Joeseph Wallard is the starving artist in the apartment. He does make decent money with online art commissions, but not nearly as much as Mike does with his at-home programming.
  • Bruce McTaggard, a male Lion. Bruce McTaggard, is a sophisticated, well-read and intelligent lion. Bruce is very weary and untrusting of technology, only using it when he absolutely must.
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