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Yebbo, Reeba, and Marble

Heebas is a serial science-fiction/fantasy/comedy comic drawn and written by Scotty Arsenault. It was published in the general audience comic anthology Furrlough. The first issue appeared in Furrlough #48, December 1996, and the conclusion in #100, April 2001. The plot concerns three omnipotent and immortal beings, and the inherent difficulty of their situation.

Main characters[edit]

Marble is, or at least is in the form of, a sable-coloured ferret. She is compassionate and kind-hearted, at first only using her powers to live and observe endless mortal lives. In the story her mortal incarnation is the governess of Princess Reeba; this changes when she meets Yebbo. Slightly smaller in stature and occasionally short-tempered.
Yebbo is a grey mouse. In marked contrast to Marble, he prefers his powers without moderation and tends to bend the universe as he sees fit. His latest experiment, making Reeba a Heeba and his eternal companion, is complicated by Marble, who thinks his attitude is reckless and irresponsible.
Reeba begins the story as a normal albino mouse princess in the medieval kingdom of Burritzkoldt. She quickly becomes entangled in the struggle between Yebbo, who wants to take her for his own, and Marble, who feels a duty to protect her. She becomes a Heeba herself - mentally unstable, and more powerful than Yeebo and Marble together.

External links[edit]

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