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The Heat of the Night ("Furry Roleplay and Stories") is an interactive site for furs who to write or act out their own furry adventures. It was created by Tye G. Wolfe and Hikaru Katayamma.


Starting as a Yahoo group managed by Tye G. Wolfe, Heat of the Night (HOTN) grew to a membership level of over 7,500 members. HOTN soon became the largest Furry role-playing group within Yahoo! until Yahoo! shut the doors for the third and final time in 1999.

There were and still are off-shoot groups that bear a portion of HOTN’s name, however they do not carry the membership that was once Yahoo’s Heat of the Night. For all intents and purposes, Heat of the Night had faded into obscurity.

It was not until an occurence in another Yahoo! group that it became necessary to move to a more private venue. With the backing of Tye G. Wolfe and the network support of Hikaru Katayamma, this new Heat of the Night was reborn in a forum format.


The site offers various features, including role-play, stories, poetry, and a place for social interaction with other furs. Due to certain RP content, Heat of the Night is for adults only.


The roleplaying threads in Heat of the Night all take place within the fictional town/city of Furryville, an all-furry settlement located somewhere in the United States and its main feature is a film studio where the roleplaying characters work as either cast or crew on films.

A bar named Ye Olde Pube also exists within Furryville, and the bar setting is used as a warm-up for new characters on the site to adjust to the roleplaying of the site and to interact with existing users.

Other features within Furryville include a high school, a library, a small park, and several apartment buildings and surburban houses where the roleplaying characters live.

Notable users[edit]

Heat of the Night includes several characters owned by its users. Some of the more prominent of characters (i.e. those characters who appear frequently) are listed here:

  • Red Fox - an easygoing male fox and incarnation of the deadly sin Wrath
  • Khris Kazeras - a ferret-mamba hybrid
  • Siouxie Vixen - a mature vixen
  • Sled - a horse comedian
  • Sutekh "Su" Sepedet - a hard-boiled Egyptian salawa
  • Tye G. Wolfe - the site's main administrator
  • Angelus Wolfen - an angelic male wolf

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