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A wizard is an administrator of a MUD, MUSH, MUX, or MUCK. A wizard has the highest level of access to the world of a MUD and may be authorised to toad users (delete their accounts), authorize people to build on to the world, and get detailed information about who is connected to the system. They usually have full rights with respect to any integrated programming languages (see MUF).

ProtoMUCK and its predecessor, GlowMUCK, support multiple wizard levels. Headwizards (W4) are the highest ranked staff and are generally the chief administrators of the MUCK. Archwizards (W3) and wizards (W2) have less permissions. Mages (W) are not normally counted as wizards. Rather, they are Helpstaff with additional permissions. Furscape, for example, is one MUCK that uses the multiple wizard levels provided by ProtoMUCK.

Wizards may be well-known members of the community, use alts for roleplaying or other interaction, or in some cases (for example, Tapestries MUCK) wizards may be anonymous to protect their identities.

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