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Hayven Celestia is a story world created by Rick Griffin with input and contributions by Gre7g Luterman.

Setting and Themes[edit]

Hayven Celestia takes place in the midst of a centuries spanning galactic war between the dragon-like Krakun and the lion-like Lio. The characters are all aliens, only loosely based on real life Earth animals, with their own worlds, cultures and atmospheric environments. The focus of the stories is about the effects of war, one of which is the plight of the kangaroo-like Geroo, whose planet was destroyed.




  • Ten Thousand Miles Up - Written by Rick Griffin, it is the first story in the Hayven Celestia setting.
  • Traitors, Thieves and Liars is the first part of a three part retelling of Ten Thousand Miles Up under the name; The Final Days of the White Flower II written by Rick Griffin.
  • The Captain's Oath is the second part of The Final Days of the White Flower II, it won the 2021 Ursa Major Award for Best Novel (the third part of the saga is currently being written and has no name).
  • Skeleton Crew - Written by Gre7g Luterman, it is the first part of The Kanti Cycle and prequel to The Final Days of the White Flower II.
  • Small World - Written by Gre7g Luterman it is the second part of The Kanti Cycle. It won the 2018 Ursa Major Award for Best Novel.
  • Fair Trade - Written by Gre7g Luterman it is the final part of The Kanti Cycle. It won the 2019 Ursa Major Award for Best Novel.
  • Reaper's Lottery - It is the first part of The Tori Mysteries, written by Gre7g Luterman and illustrated by Kyoht, it details a search for a serial killer aboard the Reaper's Harvest III.

Video Games[edit]

List of Aliens[edit]

  • Anup - (jackals) Their society is highly restrictive with personal interactions being taboo. They use a 1.2-1.6 metre rod as an indirect analog for hands.[2]
  • Arrunian - (avians) Their home planet has only 7% landmass. Despite their impressive flying ability, they still need land to hatch their young. The Krakun discovered them fairly recently.[3]
  • Coosa - (tanuki) Highly arboreal, their bodies are also resistant to high g-forces which makes them excellent pilots.[4]
  • Geordian - (domestic cats) To the Geordian, the clan is all, impacting their very self worth. A Geordian will almost never run counter to the clan's wishes.[5]
  • Geroo - (kangaroos with some canine features). They are in a state of diaspora following the destruction of their home planet Gerootec, while there is a sizeable population living on the Lio's home planets, there is also a large population working on Krakun slave ships.[6]
  • Hekiru - (vaguely vulpine with similarity to bats) - Their eyes are matte black and do not reflect light. While they can learn speech, they mostly communicate via sign language or echo location.[7]
  • Katakori - (squirrels). One of two species native to planet Txinxlurra, Katakori are like tree squirrels, and are adapted to live in forests.[8]
  • Krakun - (dragons). Huge quadrepedal beings, the Krakun are in the midst of a galactic war with the Lio. They are the series' antagonists.[9]
  • Lio - (lions). The Lio forcefully resisted the Krakun's vassalage attempts over 1200 years ago sparking the galactic war. They have a reputation for backing Krakun resistance efforts.[10]
  • Montrose - (mongooses) Rick has stated that the Montrose are the human analogue species in this setting.[11]
  • Mysa - (mice) Their home planet was conquered ages ago by the Krakun, but a significant portion of the population was able to flee. The majority of the diaspora live in poverty on the Lios' home planets with some Mysa becoming "labrats" for money.[12]
  • Polatosha - (flying squirrels). The second native species to planet Txinxlurra, the Polatosha are also adapted to live in forested lands. Like the Katakori, they are also omnivorous.[13]
  • Ringel - (raccoon\ringtail with similarities to lemurs) After being forced off planet by the Krakun, the Ringel government in exile resorted to funding pirate armadas to harass the Krakun empire. Most Ringel culture loves jewelry, wearing it starting from a young age.[14]
  • Ursar - (bears). The Ursar are the Lio's allies under the condition that they not participate in the war against the Krakun in exchange for the Lio's protection.[15]


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