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Pin-back button for Havoc Inc.. Artwork by Terrie Smith.

Havoc, Inc., an offshoot of the anthro 'zine Midnight Sonata, is a comic book concerning the misadventures of Chris Deck and Chester Magreer (characters copyrighted by writer Mark Barnard and artist Terrie Smith), as they attempt to operate a successful space freight transport service. At the end of a generations war, an overly ambitious Chester promptly invested "their" money into a reconditioned space cruiser, with the intention of setting the duo up in a reasonably above board business. Things began to deteriorate almost at once, with the discovery that the ship's mobile computer interface (Orb) has serious issues with its programming and the universe in general. Chester's understanding of effectively budgeting a business venture and picking the more secure assignments also contributed to what amounted to a corporate death spiral.

More often than not, life hits a relentless string of self-perpetuating snags which run a considerable gamut. At one end there's the well meaning interference of their adopted daughter, who feels the firm really should show some sort of profit for their efforts. This is in spite of Chester's spendthrift ways and occasionally fantastic outlays to cover damage innocently done by the firm.

Other complications include demented space pirates, ineffectual cosmic ninjas, the hopping dead, a shape-changing and extremely lethal pseudo-Chester, masked wrestlers, and life in general.

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