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Harusuke (春助, b. c1986) is a Japanese professional comic /manga artist. Almost all his works is NFSW and gaysexual.


In 2005, Harusuke launched his doujin manga circle "Harugoya (はるごや)" and published the first volume of the his doujinshi series "Harubon (はるぼん)" with Nekouri (猫瓜) and Torineko (鳥猫). [1] Among the series that 11 volumes published as of 2016, only the first two volume include the parody works. [2] Except, Harusuke published many parody manga works including Summer Wars, Pop'n Music etc. (See below)

In the whole 2000s and 2010s, Harusuke contributed his manga works to the numerous kemono joint-doujinshis of kemono circle, including Kimidori under Itsuko Harumachi, Tamago Bakudan under Karasu Mikazuki etc. [3]

In 2016 Harusuke started commercial web comic Kutarou Hengeroku (くたろう変化録) under the name "Akisuke (秋助)" at Comico(コミコ).[4] In the same year, Harusuke drew the illustration on the front page of the catalogue at Kansai Kemoket 5. [5]


All English titles are provisional and unofficial.


  • Harubon (はるぼん, 2005~2013) - 11 volumes
  • ASSORT FOLIO (2008) - CG joint-doujinshi
  • Daisukirai (Love and Hate, 2009) - Co-published with Kourigumo under KENN
  • Orikago no Ballade (Ballade in Cage, 2012)
  • Kutarou Hengeroku (くたろう変化録, 2016) -Commercial, under the name "Akisuke"


Omnibus Parody[edit]

  • not for return (2006) - CG works


  • Pokota Ijiri (2008)

Tale Concerto[edit]

  • Poruto mura no Police-san (The Policeman-san in the village Porto, 2008)


  • Shiron Ijiri (2009)

Robo and Usakichi[edit]

  • My Cat, the Little Princess (2010)


  • The twins solar (2010)

Summer Wars[edit]

  • Usagi no Tenteki, Risu no Kamo (2010)
  • King Ijiri (2010)


  • Neko no Eiyuu (Hero of Cat, 2011)

Pop'n Music[edit]

  • Kagetora Ijiri (2012)
  • Trick Rider (2013)


  • Kiyomori ha Hito ni arazu! (Kiyomoyori is never human!, 清盛は人にあらず!, 2014)

Youkai Watch[edit]

  • SSMK Ijiri (2014)

Amagi Brilliant Park[edit]

  • Waniken Panic (ワニケンパニック, 2015)

Magicalo Magical[edit]

  • Rouichi Ijiri (狼一いじり, 2015)


  • Seiji no Obenkyou (せいじのお勉強, Study of Seiji, 2016)


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