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Haruka Saruwatari (born August 30, 1993)[1] is a furry who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[2]


Haruka's fursona is a cat-fox hybrid.[3] His fur is brown-black, with grey on the front of his muzzle, neck, and chest. His legs have a white flame-pattern. His arms are black, with white 'fox socks' for his hands and part of his forearms.[4]

Haruka's ears have purple tips, and his tail is fox-like with a purple tip. His hair is also purple, and is long enough that it extends past his mid back, whilst the fringe covers some of his face. His eyes are green.

Haruka, the character, resides in a small apartment in Oakleigh, Victoria. He is often wears a black t-shirt, olive-green hoodie and black jeans, going without shoes as he feels he has no need for them. He wears a black leather collar with a silver tag on it. Occasionally, he goes without a shirt or hoodie, and a pair of dark coloured cargo shorts, particularly in warmer weather.

Haruka has pyrokinesis.


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